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Fly Fishing Report August 30, 2019

Fishing on Crowley has gotten a little better this week. The fish
have moved a little shallower.  You can find some 14 to 16 inch
fish in 19 to 21 feet of water, with a few bigger browns mixed in. 
The fish have either been holding near the weed beds, looking for
baby perch.  Or, they have been holding closer to the channel,
looking for some cooler water.   Either place, you may have to
deal with a bunch of small 7 to 9 inch stockers that have made
their way over to McGee.  But, it seems that the small stockers
will just tap at your flies, the bigger fish will take it all the
way down. So, when a school of small ones moves in on you, don't
even swing, just wait for a better grab.  The best fly this week
has been the Small Albino, fished about 6 to 8 inches off the
bottom, with a small Perch pattern above that.  Fishing in the
McGee Creek channels has still been kind of hit or miss.  Some
days they will be in certain holes, the next few days they are
gone.  The rest of the lake is still VERY, VERY warm.  We are
still getting 80+ degree days, every day for a month and a half
now.  This has been, by far, the hottest summer I've ever seen
in the 18 years of living here at Crowley...