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Fly Fishing Report October 11, 2019

The fishing between COLD fronts has been really good this past week. 
It usually shuts down for the day when the front comes in, and for
a day or so after the front.  Once the COLD winds calm down, and
things get back to normal, the fish have been very cooperative.  The
water is still higher than normal, and warmer than normal. for this
time of year, with lots of weeds still around.  There have been
really good numbers of fish up in the North Arm, from the North
Landing area, all the way up to Green Banks.  They can be found in
18-19 feet off of the North Landing, and as shallow as 15 feet off
of Green Banks.  There is not much happening in the Owens channels. 
I see boats starting out there each morning, but before long, they
are out in the deeper water.  The top fly has been the small Albino,
fished 5 to 6 inches from the bottom.  For the top fly, the best
producer has been a gray Shaft, or SuperFly.  Later in the day, I've
been switching the bottom fly to gray also.  This late in the season,
we would normally be fishing some kind of perch immigration, or leach,
on top, but the midges have been more consistent.  There has been a
wide variety of fish up north, everything from 8 inch stockers, up to
20+ inch Rainbows, Cutts, and Browns.  If you get up here, there is no
reason to get out at the crack of dawn.  Morning lows are usually in
the 20's, so it takes a while for the fish to get active.