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Fly Fishing Report July 4, 2019

Fishing has got MUCH better this past week, as the annual McGee
Creek migration has begun.  I found a huge school of fish this
past week, just off of Sometimes Bay.  This school of fish were
holding in 23-24 feet of water.  My friends and I actually got
to fish this school for 2 FULL DAYS before the "fleet" found us.
(This just may be a record for keeping a secret on Crowley)  After
that, it was get out early, before the other 40 boats had a chance
to get out.  Day by day, this school of fish has been working its
way towards McGee Creek.  They have still been holding out deep
in 22-24 feet of water.  As of today, they are much closer to
McGee Creek, than they are to Sometimes Bay.  Because this water
is so deep, you will need to use some kind of break away indicator
rig.  The normal sliding indicator rig in the Fish Camp will only
get you down to 19-20 feet.  It is a pain to cast a 25 foot leader,
but it works.  I've been using Albinos & Copper Tigers in the
morning, 6 to 8 inches from the bottom.  Then, around 10:00 switch
to Gray, and raise things up a bit.  If you want to avoid the
crowds, give Little Hilton a try in that 17-20 foot range.