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Fly Fishing Report October 7, 2018

Sorry for the long delay in fish reports, but I was on the water most
every day in September.  The fishing on Crowley has been up an down
this past week.  On the days with nice weather, and mild winds, the
fishing has been good.  However, we have been getting COLD weather &
high winds the last few days, which has pretty much shut things down.
The water has dropped in temperature, it is now around 58-59 degrees. 
The water is green, but the algae has not been a problem.  You will
see lots of floating weeds around the lake, as they are now starting
to die off with the shorter days, and cooler water.  I did see lots
of fish scouting around the last two days, but did not have much success
catching.  There are still fish in shallow over in McGee, but they are
a little scattered with the weed beds dying off.  I found good numbers
of fish holding in 8-9 feet of water, around some of the weed beds that
do remain.  There are also good numbers of fish over at Leighton Springs,
but they have been hammered for several weeks now, and they are starting
to thin out.  I've also had some reports of fish showing up in Big Hilton,
and Crooked Creek.  This late in the season, find the remaining weed beds,
and you will usually find some fish.  But, depending on the weather, they
may not bite like they did this summer.  On the cold/windy days, stick to
small Albinos, on the nice days, toss out some gray shafts, or superflies
around mid morning.  Keep a small perch pattern out there as your top fly.