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Fly Fishing Report May 20, 2019

Winter weather has come back to the Eastern Sierra's this week.
The lows have been in the upper 20's and low 30's every morning. 
Highs in the 40's - 50's, with some strong winds.  Believe it or
not, even with the poor conditions, the fish are still biting. 
Although, it may take a while for them to start up in the mornings. 
The fish are still spread out all over the North Arm.  Leighton
Springs seems to be holding the biggest concentration of fish. 
These fish have moved out a bit deeper with the falling water
temps, anywhere from 14 to 19 feet, with the bigger fish out deep. 
So, you will need some kind of deep water indicator to get down to
them.  The best flies continue to be the Albino on the bottom, and
a gray Shaft, or Superfly on top.  When you start seeing some bugs
hatch around 10:00 am, switch that bottom fly to gray.  Most of the
usual spring time spots have been holding fish, Sandy Point, 6-Bays,
and Green Banks.  Remember, on these cold mornings, there is no need
to get out early, I've been sleeping in, and starting around 8:00 am.