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Fly Fishing Report Sept 3, 2021

It's been a long time since I've had any good news to report
on Crowley.  We had a very bad algae bloom for most of July. 
August saw consistent water temps starting out over 70 degrees
each morning, and rising up to 74-75 by mid day.  California
Fish & Game actually issued what they call a "Hoot Owl"
warning for several bodies of water up here, including
Crowley.  This warning recommends that you only fish early
mornings when the water is at its coolest point.  And you
shouldn't fish when the water is above 68 degrees because
of the extra stress the hot water puts on the trout.  Not
until the last few days of August did the water temps even
drop below 70 degrees here on Crowley.  It has been starting
out in the upper 60's, and hitting 70 by mid day. 

The cooling water, the big perch hatch, and some good midge
hatches, have actually brought the fish in shallow, despite
the warm water.  It has been very good to see some midges
again, because we saw very few midges in July & August.  It
has also been nice fishing in 10 to 12 feet of water, rather
than 25-30 feet.   The fish are mostly hanging out around
the weed beds all around the lake, after all, that is where
the perch fry try to hide.  I have been looking for areas
with scattered short weeds, rather than the edges of the thick
weeds.  Look around anywhere from 8 to 12 feet to find these
areas.  A small Perch Fry pattern on top, with a small Albino
on the bottom.  When you start seeing the midges above your
boat, swap out the perch fry with something gray. 

With the water still being warm, try to release the fish
without removing them from the water if you can.

On a final note, the fires up in Northern California have
drawn most of the fire fighting equipment and personal away
from this area.  So, all campgrounds and lakes on National
and State Forest property will be closed until September 17.